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Welcome to the official home site of Black Sky - a work in progess 2d sci-fi space RPG action game. At the moment, it's current playstate is Alpha - Version 1.3a, but hopefully beta phase will begin. Take a look around and click on info to get a more detailed overview of who I am and about my project. Also check out the downloads section, where you can download and play Black Sky.
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Hey Everyone, I haven't blogged in a while and wanted to let everyone know that I'm still working on Black Sky. I've just been busy with real life and work. Right now I'm working on code re-factoring the file loading system, it needs a overhaul so that it's more manageable. I still have plans to get on kick starter and to release a new build that shows off a bunch of new features so stay tuned!


YEAH! The RSS feed has been fixed. Please delete your old feed and re-subscribe by clicking the RSS icon on the right!


Here is the first prototype for the Missile/Rocket system. This includes Homing and Dumb-fire Rockets as well as FoF(Friend or Foe) or FaF(Fire and Forget). Check it out!


Well I decided to hold off on the Kickstarter video for a few reasons. The main reason is that I want to add more to Black Sky so that the video has more content. So for now I am working on missiles & missile trails. I'm also working on new eye candy, more sounds, planets & space ships!.


Making of the kickstarter video has begun!


Just wanted to post a new update. So far I have made more progress on the ship creator and I have added some more eye candy effects. I also have been thinking about putting Black Sky on KickStarter.com to raise some funds, but I still have some work to do before it can be shown off, haha.


Testing 123. Yay the new blogging system works! Google changed how blogger operates a while ago and disrupted my ability to create new blogs. While It made me pretty angry, I decided the best thing to do is make my own blogging system so I don't have to rely on another party. In the meantime however, I broke the rss feeds, so I will be working on that next to restore rss functionality.

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